Perfect Iodine
Perfect Iodine
Perfect Iodine
Perfect Iodine
Perfect Iodine
Perfect Iodine
Perfect Iodine
Perfect Iodine
Perfect Iodine
Perfect Iodine
Perfect Iodine
Perfect Iodine
Perfect Iodine
Perfect Iodine


Perfect Iodine

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Perfect Iodine contains what may be the most important element for your thyroid and delivers it in a safe, liquid solution that your body can easily digest. It can be taken internally or used topically as a skin cleanser. Many people also keep iodine in their emergency kit for its various uses in home remedies and survival situations.

The National Institute of Health recommends that adults intake 150 mcg of iodine/day. This natural element plays a key role in hormone production and is necessary for the maintenance of a healthy thyroid.

During hormone production, your thyroid uses up the iodine in your body. It is important to replace the iodine that gets used to avoid thyroid issues. Thyroid issues can impact everything from your metabolism to your immune system to your heart health. Iodine deficiency impacts many people worldwide and can provoke a wide range of health problems if not dealt with.

Promote Thyroid Health
Reinforce The Metabolism
Maintain Hormone Balance
Cleanse & Protect The Skin
Help The Brain

Iodine Fuels Your Body’s Thyroid.

Iodine Is A Powerful Way To Protect Your Skin.

Why This Iodine Solution Is Completely Unique.

Are You Getting Enough Iodine?

Ian Clark, founder of Activation Products explains why this little known element is so important for your health…


Iodine can be used topically as a way to clean and nourish your skin. 

It can also be taken internally. Take Perfect Iodine orally to enjoy a wide range of internal health benefits.

Directions for use:

Spray in the back of the throat and swallow. Each spray contains 30mcg of Iodine.

Adults (5 sprays)
Children 1-8 years (3 sprays)
Teens 10-14 years (4 sprays)
Pregnant Women (7 sprays)
Lactating (10 sprays)

Each serving delivers 150 mcg of bioavailable iodine to your body. The national institute of health recommends adults get 150 mcg of iodine from their diet to remain within healthy levels.

It is mined in the deserts of southern Chile where there are large deposits of a mineral called Caliche Ore. This mineral contains large amounts of the materials necessary to make our iodine solution. After it is mined, the Caliche Ore is refined using a 3 step proprietary process which results in a stable iodine solution that your body can easily absorb. 

Even though Caliche Ore is abundant in Chile, certain geo-political factors have inflated the price. Demand for it is extremely high and many groups are struggling for control over the area where it is mined. This has made the mineral expensive and extremely hard to get.

While iodine is an incredibly important micronutrient to ingest on a daily basis, it is also a well known and widely used skin cleanser. It has been used to clean and protect people’s skin in a variety of situations including home remedies, medical environments and survival applications.

As with anything, spot test it on your skin to see how your body reacts first before applying it liberally. That being said, the majority of people experience extremely positive results from applying iodine tinctures to their skin.

Perfect Iodine can be used on minor cuts and scrapes or used as a hand cleanser depending on the desired effect.

This is one of the only iodine solutions like this in the world. There are other companies that offer iodine tinctures but none of them make a pure aqueous solution like this. Pure Iodine is a gas, a purple vapor that is incredibly hard to stabilize. Many other companies combine iodine molecules with alcohols or plastics to stabilize them, making them unhealthy in large doses. 

We’ve partnered with a company that, after decades of research, has invented a proprietary process that combines iodine molecules with distilled water. It’s a process that makes the solution uniquely bioavailable for your body. It can easily and quickly be absorbed and safely enjoyed. Your body will love it thanks to the incredibly small iodine molecules inside the solution and the fact that water is the stabilizing fluid. 

Some other factors that make this one of the only iodine solutions you should trust include that it is…

* Mined from Caliche Ore

* Refined in North America

* Produced in a GMP facility

* Made using natural ingredients

* And suspended in distilled water 

Give it a try. From the moment you start using Perfect Iodine you’ll understand why we believe it is the best in the world.

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